Andra / Pantech / 2013

Suppose that you buy a smart watch. Why would you have to handcuff yourself when you already has a smartphone in your pocket? This products suggests diverse use of wearable device instead of the limited use range of bangle type products. / 01 - Watch Phone : ANDRA is the kind of mini phone that can not only be connected to mobile but also turn to an independent phone by receiving data. It also can be used as a smart watch when you combine this with watch band accessary. / 02 - Outdoor Navigator : ANDRA can be used as a navigator and falshlight at a construction work combined with outdoor adaptor. It as a loop at the top of it to help it being hung to other products like bags. Travelers can check the up-to-date information about map and weather. / 03 - Home Phone & Charging Cradle : Andra is converted to a home phone when connected to charging cradle at home. The omnidi-rectional speaker holes at the side of the cradle helps you talk on the phone by using speaker mode.

Jang, Junyoung


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