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Jang Junyoung

Industrial Designer

Hammer Dryer / Client - Unix Electonics / 2016 : HAMMER DRYER is a product close to the essence. The structure of the dryer was simplified and focused on the essential form. Generally, most dryers has an operating button on the handle, but I think it is a one-dimensional solution that interferes with the grip. The handle of the HAMMER DRYER has no function and decoration, so it is easy to hold onto the hand and concentrate on the use. We often need to change the way we are accustomed to it. HAMMER DRYER is not simply trendy designs. It is a product that has been reworked from the ground up and upgraded to a simple solution. Handle is cylindrical with hollow inside. The power cable naturally passes through the handle and makes the movement of the cable more natural when you dry your hair. When you go on a trip with a HAMMER DRYER, you can simply remove the handle like replacing the lens of a DSLR camera. Packaging material is based on recycled paper, and it reduces the production cost.