Loto / 2014 Reddot Design Award / 2014

In contrast to how laptops are continuously becoming thinner in size, there is a limit to minimizing weight lightening mouse. Since people have to have a hold of the mouse when using it, usability becomes lowered if the size is too small. With the intention of breaking this way of thinking, I came up with a practical mouse design that holds a new shape. Wire mode was chosen to reduce the volume and to make it light and a lot of thoughts were put into the wire to applied distinct design as well as make it useful. The targets for this product are light users, who are in between heavy users who conduct complicated operations as well as basic users who do computing with track pad without using a mouse. The design of LOTO began from the shape of a lotus leaf. When corners of cut off lotus leaves are attached facing each other, then it resembles conical hats used during parties. LOTO is a product in which two and three dimensional forms were reflected on through this simple mechanism. Usability has been optimized while the product is flexible in form. It is not difficult to use LOTO as a mouse on top of a table. When the clip is held with one hand and the wire with the other hand, then the rubber body changes into a conical shape. In this way, the product can be designed in a simple way through an analog method and it adds fun to usability. LOTO will help your innovative mobile life.

Jang, Junyoung


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