Jang, Junyoung


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Pokit /2014 Reddot Design Award / 2014 : POKIT is an product in which a charger adaptor/external battery/storage pocket have been integrated into one item. The charger adaptor which has always been hidden and carried around in bags has been newly designed to enhance usability. Pokit can be carried around conveniently when going out or leaving on trips and it is a smart device where 3 different tasks can be conducted with a single product. Since smart devices require outstanding portability, the size is continuously becoming smaller. Accordingly, the amount of battery that can be used is relatively not sufficient. Still, we desire to use our smart devices for long hours while we are outdoors. What if your smart phone ran out of battery right before a very important appointment? The inconvenience caused due to the lack of battery is horrific beyond imagination. Accordingly, there are many times when external batteries or chargers are carried around and this is a product that is a necessity for those who go out often. In terms of previous adaptors, the messy lines and rather abhorrent look caused for users to store it inside bags but Pokit can be carried around without any feeling of repulsion due to its simple design. It is utilized as an external battery while users are out. The USB cable sealed inside the fabric pocket can be connected to charge the smart device. Fabric pocket hides the complicated form of chargers and displays a look which resembles a distinct external battery. While sleeping, both smart device and external battery are charged but when Pokit is used, users can charge both at once and since only 1 plug needs to be used, it is very efficient.