Information, ContactBehanceProject Description ︎︎︎  1. OTR Division's new print form  2. A3 Humidifier  3. Cube Heater  4. Plate  5. Hammer Dryer  6. Transparent TV  7. Conbox  8. Loto  9. Rocky  10. Stealth  11. Origami Pad  12. OXCP
This work is designed to effectively communicate transparent display panels, the future strategic business of 'LG Display'. We tried to actively communicate the technology of lg display at CES. Normal TV can hide all parts on the back of the display, but Transparent display should be left behind. I found a way to hide the control board and used the space on the bottom stand tocomplete the slick image.

LG Display

Transparent TV 55”
(C) 2020