(2018)Plate, Client-Twonumber    PLATE is a 3.4 inch smartphone made up of two different materials. The dramatic texture difference between the top and bottom is impressive. (Tech spec : Flip type mobile, Android OS)

(2017)Cube Heater, Client-Hanmir Co., Ltd    HANMIR has developed a coating that enhances thermal efficiency by 120%, and the first concept to apply it to hot wire is the CUBE HEATER. When the paint is applied to the hot wire of the electric heater, a solid color state in which light is not transmitted is obtained. We needed an effective visual indicator because the light from the hot wire was not passed to the outside.


(2016)Hammer Dryer, Client-Unix Electronics    Think it is a one-dimensional solution that interferes with the grip. Handle is cylindrical with hollow inside. The power cable naturally passes through the handle and makes the movement of the cable more natural when you dry your hair. When you go on a trip with a HAMMER DRYER, you can simply remove the handle like replacing the lens of a DSLR.

(2016)Conbox, Project by JiyounKim Studio    The electric fan is often called 'seasonal home comfort'. Though those fans areuseful in very hot conditions, rest of the time it just takes upto much space at your home. we often forget that functional and aesthetic fan with a cover keeps somewhere in more thanhalf of a year. it can be folded as CONBOX shape sothe storage is easy in the winter to combine fan part with bottom part.

(2015)55” Transparent TV, Client-LG Display    This work is designed to effectively communicate transparent display panels, the future strategic business of 'LG Display'. We tried to actively communicate the technology of lg display at CES. Normal TV can hide all parts on the back of the display, but Transparent display should be left behind. I found a way to hide the control board and used the space on the bottom stand to complete the slick image.

(2014)Loto, Reddot Design Award    In contrast to how laptops are continuously becoming thinner in size, there is a limit to minimizing weight lightening mouse. The design of LOTO began from the shape of a lotus leaf. LOTO is a product in which two and three dimensional forms were reflected on through this simple mechanism. Usability has been optimized while the product is flexible in form.

(2014)Rocky, Pantech    ROCKY has a physical key for outdoor use. The glass is protected by a prominent button and receiver. 2 LED Flash lights help various activities in dark circumstances. The back side's wide pattern and angular design stabilize the grip of the phone.

(2013)P-1000, Pantech    LTE Quad-band(700/850/AWS/1900), LTE CA Support, 9.5 X 85 X 23.9 mm

(2012)Volcano, Pantech    This project is intended to seek to simple and futuristic design. The back side was made to have curvy surface to cover all the components of high-resolution camera, and curvy point produces futuristic feeling by harmonizing with the edge of the upper part of back side.

(2012) U, Pantech    This is a 4.7-inch smartphone with 3D glass. I wanted to give the user a sense of extreme grip, and I completed a unique look in a simple form and strong color.

(2011)Stealth, Pantech    STEALTH is a 4.5 inches smartphone, its design copied from the shape of USA combat Stealth. It has 4 channels surround speaker concept. The angular shape of its backside helps the sound come out through the side of the phone when the phone is put on the table.

(2011)Acrux, SKY Design Membership    ACRUX is mobile design which carries 5.2" display. The parting line which intersects each other was designed harmoniously. I proposed a drawer-type port on the back to design all the edges of the top, bottom, left and right. In order to design its side to be thin, all INOUT DEVICE has been hidden on the back side. If the middle of the long separate bar which is pressed, the drawer will open. When the drawer-shaped cover is opened, microUSB port, 3.5mm Earjack, and microSD slot will come out.

(2011)Edge Drop, iF Design Award   Paint can be used by either taking it upon container or boards, or dipping a brush right into bucket. You probably experienced the following during this process: First, you probably pour out too much paint. Second, when you take the brush out after leaving it in the bucket, paint flows down the paint bucket. The paint hardens, making it difficult to close the lid. The opening/closing area of the EDGE DROP has a V-shaped groove, allowing easy, detailed control when taking out paint. The entrance is slanted towards the inner area, preventing paint from flowing outward.