Jang Junyoung, Industrial Designer and BX Visualizer. I started my career as a mobile designer in product design team at Pantech after SKY Design Membership 8th.

Currently, I’m doing branding and consulting projects for near future product and services in HS Ad’s OTR Division, an advertising company of LG Group.

Confidential Project
2018 Z-Monster, LG Household & Health Care
2018 ThinQ Brand Guide Book, LG Electronics
2018 Objet Brand Visual, LG Electronics
2018 Next ThinQ, LG Electronics
2018 Rollable Display Device, LG Display
2017 Brand Visual Guide, LG Electronics
2017 N Project(Foldable Laptop), LG Electronics
2017 Premium Fan Project, LG Electronics
2017 77” Transparent TV, LG Display
2016 V Task(POLED Phone), LG Electronics
2016 Premium Fan V2.0, LG Electronics
2016 N (Foldable Laptop), LG Electronics
2016 Friends (G5’s acc), LG Electronics
2015 AKA 2, LG Electronics
2015 R1(VR Device), LG Electronics
2015 W(Smart Watch), LG Electronics
2015 F(Rollable TV), LG Electronics
2015 V20 UX/GUI, LG Electronics
2015 55” Transparent TV, LG Display

2020 Red Dot Award, Product Design
2018 iF Award, Product Design
2014 Red Dot Award, Design Concept
2014 Red Dot Award, Design Concept
2013 iF Award, Design Concept
2011 Red Dot Award, Design Concept
2011 iF Award, Design Concept
2010 iF Award, Design Concept
2010 iF Award, Design Concept
2010 iF lebens(t)räume

Present, HS Ad, OTR Division
2013 iFace, Product Design Team
2012 Pantech, Design Team
2011 Pantech, SKY Designer’s Community
2004 Sangmyung Univ. (Major in Industrial Design)

Office: LG Mapo Bldg, 155, Mapo-daero, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Mail: jangjunyoung@outlook.com
Mobile: 010 2717 2705

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OTR uses differentiat BI from LG Group to efficiently carry out the project and operates as an independent office.It was emphasized that the team members applied their own preferred colors and were a group of experts from different fields. The very rough surface and the thick paper give a sensuous impression at the first meeting with client.